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Senior DevOps Engineer

Taipei City, Taiwan

Full Time


  1. Working alongside the engineering team to achieve smooth CI/CD flows

  2. Ensuring uptime of operational components including multiple Kubernetes clusters with different hardware configurations

  3. Managing global infrastructure

  4. Optimizing infrastructure for performance, cost and ease of use

  5. Introducing new knowledge and technologies to the engineering team

  6. Identifying and improving bottlenecks in engineering workflows


  1. 3+ years of DevOps experience.

  2. 1+ years of being a team lead

  3. Excellent communication skills (English required)

  4. Extensive experience with Google Cloud, Kubernetes, GKE

  5. Extensive knowledge of global networking in a cloud environment

  6. Able to architect CI/CD flow.  Helm, Argo is a plus

  7. Experience with Github and Github Actions integration

  8. Experience with infrastructure monitoring setup

  9. Familiar writing shell scripts.  Experience with python, golang, nodejs

  10. Experience with backend application development is a plus

Salary Range

2,000,000 ~ 2,500,000 TWD per annum

Application for This Position

Please send your resume and CV with the subject title: (Job title you apply for – Candidate Name) via email to

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