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Associate Project Manager

Taipei City, Taiwan

Full Time


  1. Provide pre-sales support and confirm the requirements.

  2. Help engineers to clarify spec and documents with clients.

  3. Monitor the schedule and scope with agencies for outsource projects. 

  4. Cooperate with VIP to address the payment issue.

  5. Spearhead investigation and analysis on the product and the product market.

  6. Have a customer-first mindset for developing the product.

  7. Set strategic goals and achieve them.


  1. At least 2 years of experience in product and/or digital product field.

  2. Experience in Product Management teams in a B2C software industry.

  3. Experience in payment gateways.

  4. Strong oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to think clearly, analyze quantitatively, problem-solve, support scope of requirements and prioritize

  5. Fluency in English language.

  6. You have significant growth-stage startup experience.

  7. You can articulate a vision and strategy in a way that inspires and motivates a team and focuses their energy on achieving business goals.

Salary Range

960,000 ~ 1,040,000 TWD per annum

Application for This Position

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