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Senior HR Recruiter

Taipei City, Taiwan

Full Time


  1. Proactively identify and recruit passive candidates from recruiting platforms, jobsites, social media and others while maintaining long-term relationships with them.

  2. Contact the candidates and conduct initial phone screening and cold-calling.

  3. Utilize creative methods and platforms to attract a diverse pool of talent.

  4. Develop, maintenance and management the talent recruitment pipelines.

  5. Develop and execute recruiting plans, identify recruitment problems and solutions via data analysis.

  6. Establish the talent pool in line with corporate culture and business development needs.

  7. Plan and conduct employer branding projects including recruitment marketing and social recruiting to improve recruitment performance.


  1. At least 6-8 years of experience in Human Resources with focus on Recruitment. 

  2. Experience in IT industry or start-up company hiring.

  3. Proactive and enthusiastic learner, always seeking ways to enhance your skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

  4. Well-versed in the use of various sourcing tools.

  5. Good understanding of the key elements of a Talent Acquisition Model and best practice. (Demand Planning, Policy & Process, Employer Brand, Candidate Sourcing, Assessment Models, Technology, Management Information)

  6. Ability to speak and write English and Mandarin Chinese fluently.

  7. Experience in Background Checks process.

  8. Experience in executive level (Director or above) hiring.

  9. At least 2 years of demonstrated recruiting experience for non-product roles.

  10. Experience in employer branding recruitment marketing and social recruiting.

Salary Range

1,000,000 ~ 1,200,000 TWD per annum

Application for This Position

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