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2021 SWAG Presentations

不久之前,RD的夥伴們完成了一場精彩絕倫的分享! 這次有四位同仁分享覺得有趣的主題,分別為:

  1. Lego CI/CD with github action

  2. The wet codebase

  3. Enlarge eyes by Apple face detection and Metal shader

  4. Smooth skin principle and implementation



【Lego CI/CD with github action】

  • Concept of gitops

  • Github action ci action

  • Github action deploy action

  • The connector -> github api and webhook

  • Demo of a real gitops flow


【The wet codebase】

  • How the abstraction generated

  • How the abstraction cause problems

  • The benefits of abstraction

  • The costs of abstraction

  • Abstract responsibly

  • Conclusion


【Enlarge eyes by Apple face detection and Metal shader】

  • Introduce Metal and compare to OpenGL ES

  • Introduce Vision

  • Enlarge eyes algorithm


【Smooth skin principle and implementation】

  • Overview of filter pipeline

  • Box blur vs. Gaussian blur and how to implement with shader

  • Why Gaussian blur is suitable for smooth skin (fourier transform, low-pass filter)

  • Filter pipeline principle summary

  • Direction to improve performance and combine with face detection

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