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Marketing Manager

Taipei City, Taiwan

Full Time

SWAG is looking for a motivated and results-driven Marketing Manager to fast-track our company’s growth. As Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for managing the company’s customer acquisition funnel. You will manage and support activities across all stages of the customer experience: customer acquisition, activation, retention, and up-selling.


Working cross-functionally with the product/project management, design, and marketing teams, you will design and implement data-driven growth initiatives while periodically reporting to the CEO. You will monitor and manage our marketing department.


Our ideal candidate for this role is an expert in digital marketing with prior experience in marketing & product management. The candidate must be analytical and knowledgeable in using various analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel.


  1. Develop and oversee the implementation of marketing campaigns.

  2. Develop a unified approach to the company’s overall marketing efforts in collaboration with with the marketing, product, and design teams.

  3. Create brand marketing campaigns (in collaboration with relevant internal teams) that will be aimed at increasing brand awareness and engaging with existing customers.

  4. Stay on top of the latest trends and emergent issues in our business and product. 

  5. Leverage analytic tools during market research to find ways to enhance the company’s marketing efforts. 

  6. Ensure the company blog, social media accounts, and website are continuously updated and optimized to provide a great user experience.

  7. Compile performance reports to brief executive leadership on marketing initiatives and product performance and provide recommendations on improvement strategies.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or a related field required.

  2. At least 4 years of experience in a marketing leadership role.

  3. Proven track record of successful growth campaigns. 

  4. Expertise with SEO and analytical tools for marketers, such as Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Mixpanel.

  5. Being comfortable with working in a dynamic and diverse environment.

Salary Range


Application for This Position

Please send your resume and CV with the subject title: (Job title you apply for – Candidate Name) via email to

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